• August Lindsay

Alyssa Milano Tweets False Information Leading to Several Verbal Attacks.

Alyssa Milano, best known for her roles on Who’s The Boss and Charmed, tweeted that there has never before been a Supreme Court Justice nominated and installed during a presidential election.

Thousands took to twitter to respond to her inaccurate statement. Some even asking if this was a real person behind her account calling her “mental” and “empty headed.” Many informing her of US history and letting her know that a President is in office for 4 years, not 3 years and 10 months.

The fact is this has happened 29 times in our nations history, 19 of those times the Senate and the White House were held by the same party. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about holding off until after the next President is inaugurated.

In 2016, several Democrats made statements encouraging Barack Obama to do just the same including Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. What the American people need to realize is that President Trump has done nothing wrong in nominating a SCOTUS Justice.

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